Ai yori aoshi episode 6

ai yori aoshi episode 6

Without a good set of characters and the way they interact, what's left?
No, especially in this show, the characters are a major driving factor.
Nov 29, 2003, fish and Water, unwatched Watched Acquired Skipped.Well, obviously I loved.C'est une jeune fille de 18 ans.But as I watched more and more into the show, I began to realize that it was exactly that point that made this story so unique and fresh.Mayu Miyuki (, Miyuki Mayu?Il sera recueilli par Tina.) C'est la cousine de Taeko.It would see that every scene is fully animated and given great care.Depuis son enfance, Aoi a tout fait pour être une épouse parfaite et rendre heureux Kaoru, son fiancé dont elle est amoureuse.Why do I give a 10 in nearly every category?A narrative about the beautiful landscape?

I would even go so far as to say that characters are what determine, develop and drive a story.First of all, the story.Son père lui a appris que ses fiançailles avec Aoi étaient rompues.You've got crazies, you've got adorable cuties, you've got sensitives, hard-asses, uptights, lowlives, and nearly every imaginable kind of character, all represented amazingly well.I'll review this as I have a few others, by category then install windows platform update by my overall take.It takes a lot for me to give an anime a 10 in sound.Overall 10, story 10, animation 10, sound 9, character 10, enjoyment 10, why do I rate this anime so highly?Bleu indigo Ai Yori Aoshi?, litt.
Un court, oAV de 15 minutes, Ai yori aoshi Enishi Saiai, est sorti au Japon en 2003 1, mais reste inédit en France.