Asp to php converter

asp to php converter

Here's a list of the main points we had to consider: Not all types have a compatible type, eg dates and booleans.
It has plugins for Php (and ASP) and text conversion tools (abc on the Tools menu).
Variable scoping (asp loves globals hTML/JS Get and Post case sensitivity (harder to fix with tools).
OK, paste as, strip html, encode html, paste as-is.Good luck to anyone attempting this conversion project, having done it before we know the feeling.Object self references, eg PHP classes need this- variable.Converting ASP code to Php is a tedious process.I know this post is too long to read., all i want to know is how can i run this project in php, whatever the way it is please suggest.Treat my content as plain text, not as html.In saying that, it's still worth trying out even in the current state.Please correct it and try again." Student addedStudent _dStudent(student return Json(new Result "OK Record addedStudent catch (Exception ex) return Json(new Result "error Message ssage HttpPost public JsonResult UpdateStudent(Student student) try if (!Valid) return Json(new Result "error Message "Form is not valid!The Code Project Open License (cpol).We did a successful conversion for a decent size project and wrote a blog about the process: Converting Classic ASP to PHP, while a standard lookup table with function could work it would be a LOT of work still to clean everything.Add a Solution, you have to rewrite the.Net code into php, which will be a lot of work (if even possible as you cannot listen to a port in php, which is needed if you want to use the WebSocket for duplex communication).The author shows us how to run it in t : Running the white board Application.Add / print_r post / Uncomment to print contents of post variables for debug and delete the initial / when you want to print all form variables Add /error_reporting(E_ALL / Uncomment to report all PHP errors, keep commented out in public version for security reasons.Terms of Service Layout: fixed fluid CodeProject, 503-250 Ferrand Drive Toronto Ontario, M3C 3G8 Canada x 100.If you use lots of let/get/set be prepared for some heavier re-factoring.Add the functionality you use most to the Favorites tab by right clicking it in the menu and choosing Add to Favorites.
Convert structure, if then else structure replace if condition with if (condition).
When answering a question please: Read the question carefully.

Terms of Service and, privacy Policy, please subscribe me to the CodeProject newsletters.HttpPost public JsonResult StudentListByFiter(string name int cityId 0, int jtStartIndex 0, int jtPageSize 0, string jtSorting null) try /Get data from database var studentCount _tStudentCountByFilter(name, cityId var students _tStudentsByFilter(name, cityId, jtStartIndex, jtPageSize, jtSorting /Return result to jTable return Json(new Result "OK Records students, TotalRecordCount studentCount.Public class DemoController : Controller /.Ctrl-z to undo, ctrl-y crystal report windows 7 64 bit to re-do, use the drop down arrow beside the folder and internet folder icons to open recent documents use alt-end to create an ending tag for the current tag.To install a plugin, click Tools, Install, Install PLugin in the Html-Kit menu.Convert before the then to replace then with replace else if with elseif replace else with else replace end with, case structure replace select case variable with switch (variable) replace case value with case value: replace case else with default: replace end select with, for.13,081,503 members (58,144 online hi everyone.Since i am learning php of my own i want to know how can i run this project in php.I don't want to run it.
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