B 2 save editor

b 2 save editor

On Windows and Linux) Projects are now stored in two files:.sublime-project (user editable, can be checked into version control) and.sublime-workspace (containing the session state).
Removed expiry date, backported various fixes from Sublime Text.These entries will appear in the Open Recent list.Linux: Added support for mice with more than 5 buttons.Linux: Support for the -wait command line parameter Linux: Keypad enter key will insert a newline Linux: WM_class is set OSX: CtrlK now works as expected when the cursor is at the end of a line OSX: CtrlB is now unbound, so the default action.Added copy_with_empty_selection setting, to yu gi oh tag force 4 iso psp control the behavior of the copy and cut commands when no text is selected.F7 is also bound to build on all ipad 3 cases with keyboard ebay platforms.Marks interact well with multiple selections.The indent_guide_options file setting can be used to change this Improved minimap dragging increase_font_size command will allow sizes up to 128pt Changed how the toggle argument to show_panel is handled Files with colons in their names may be opened from the command line Fixed handling.OS X: Open File and Open Folder have been combined into a single Open menu item OS X: ControlOptionLeft/Right will move by sub words, in the same manner as ControlLeft/Right Windows: Default font is now Consolas Windows: Improved text rendering quality when using Direct Write.To ensure you don't lose any data, it is recommended that you download your layout as json.Unfold Build 2111 Release Date: ee the blog post for a summary Added indentation guides.
Vintage: Ctrl is now an alias for escape (if headway elementary third edition workbook vintage_ctrl_keys is enabled) Vintage: Added CtrlE and CtrlY, to scroll up/down by lines, if vintage_ctrl_keys is enabled.
You can also drag color swatches to individual legends to set different colors for each one.

Face, ze, ld, alic, shadow_color and shadow_offset Theme: Layers now have a repeat property Theme: Controls that used to use 'background_color' now use layers instead API: Added ews API: More strictly enforcing the main thread only usage restriction API: show_input_panel will run its callbacks.This is enabled by default on.This supersedes the new_window_settings.Added Word Wrap Column menu Added Ruler menu Linux: Single instance support.OSX: Added support for the ODB Editor Suite.Title: me, author: thor, key sizes summary k v, switches summary k switchNamesk v, saved!The requested layout does not exist.