Best games for windows 8 pc

best games for windows 8 pc

Great graphics, awesome environments and lots of weapons choices are the main highlight of the game, but like any good action game, its the player that makes it all happen.
And just when everyone thought that this type of game didnt have anything else to offer, here comes Rayman Jungle Run which brought us a new adventure to.Touching the screen fires his guns and lifts him in the air, while letting go cools his jets.You can connect a spirit to another spirit on the same row or column, as long as nothing stands between the two.Windows 8's casual game selection can't match the deep libraries that Android and Apple maintain, but even so the Windows Store holds a ton of finger-friendly titles.But despite his physical limitations, Inkarus wants to fly, ibm smartcloud meetings plugin and he's dreamed up a machine that can help him touch the skyif he can collect enough gears and feathers to piece it together.Apart from the complex world and awesome graphics, the game also allows players to customize their character for the maximum amount of damage.Simple: remember your roots.The vehicles come in different types ranging from the light counter strike condition zero game-brothersoft and medium tanks for light battles to heavy tanks and tank destroyers for mass destruction.The number of votes and the rating of each game was taken into account, as well as graphics, stability and how fast it moves.But whatever their origin, these games will keep you playing und.Adventure lovers that want to take a dive into the world of secret agents and evil robots will feel right at home playing this game.Zombies If you remember, a while back we stated that Judge Dredd.The story's great, too.If you run into a prolonged streak of bad luck (or bad strategy however, you may have to buy additional "charge" with real-world money to keep playing.See larger image, dredd.Dropping the sweet into hungry Om Nom's mouth clears a level, and picking up stars along the way adds to your score.

The game gives you a Mars-themed table for free, and a bevy of other themed tablesSpider-Man, Rome, Captain America, and Earth Defense, among the many optionsare available for 3 a pop.By, brad Chacos, Senior Editor, PCWorld Nov 20, 2012 3:30.Blowing zombies to smithereens has lost nothing of its charm, and painting the walls with that green blood is still funny as always.Various battle modes exist and you can even customize your vehicles to suit your style.Gameplay on the other hand is similar to other running games, but even so, the idea of controlling a rat on a scooter is well worth.The farther you proceed, the trickier the levels become; you'll need to examine the stage and cut the ropes in precisely the right order to successfully feed Om Nom.If you are looking for the ultimate best tank games, here is our list of the top rated tank games for Windows.Also, there are not one, but 5 worlds to explore, each having a new look and feel.Even better, the game ties in to your Xbox Live account, so you can compete with console-based buddies for the top spots on the leaderboards.