Crack do farming simulator 2013 za darmo

crack do farming simulator 2013 za darmo

In harvesting, plowing or cultivating your plants you need to used your coolest vehicles.
With a full grain tank, the helper didnt fold out the unloading belt (1.4).
Fixed folding of tools when loading from savegames (1.3).
Important for chicken (1.4) Updated PDA map of the ModMapSDK to the lasted map (1.4) Tuned fertilizer usage of Amazone ZG-B 8200 (1.4) Disabled threshing while cutter is raised (1.4) Removed jittering of attacher joints on multiplayer clients (1.4) Added possibility to load wheat and.Farming Simulator 2013 Update.3, fixes: more animation issues of Grimme Maxtron 620 and Grimme Tectron 415 (1.3).Fixed Kuhn Primor 3570 with barley straw bales (1.3).A sell station no longer can have multiple great demands for the same fruit at the same time (1.4).Poniej anglojzyczny opis aktualizacji.Fixed field auctions in multiplayer (1.3).Fixed irregular speed of the field growth (1.4).Deutz 7545 Maize cutter) (1.4).Fixed conflict if multiple vehicles with mouse controls are attached (1.4).Fast and reliable downloads, so what are you waiting for, start playing Farming Simulator 2013 with our very own Farming Simulator 2013 Crack.Podobnie jak i poprzednie odsony cyklu, take i Farming Simulator 2013 posiada opcj zabawy wieloosobowej.Just follow the instructions and you are good.Fixed unloading particle systems of Krone Emsland and Kröger HKD (1.4).Fix of the button "select all mods" that sometimes did not work (1.4).Fixed animation issues of Grimme Maxtron 620 and Grimme Tectron 415 (1.3).Multiplayer Clients now also see the mission goal (1.4).
The fill levels of the animals are no longer limited to 65535 at the multiplayer clients (1.4).

W stosunku do poprzednich odson cyklu, mamy tu lepsz opraw wizualn oraz nowe modele zwierzt.NO moreissue when selling nintendo bomberman game for pc a vehicle at the selling point (1.3) hoses of several implements (1.3) 5NO more Kuhn Primor 3570 with barley straw bales (1.3) 6NO more straw and forage unloading at the cow paddock showing wrong message (1.3) 7NO moreseveral typing errors (1.3).Zadaniem atki jest poprawienie wikszoci bdów wykrytych od momentu wypuszczenia poprzedniej aktualizacji.Fixed unloading of the Bergmann Shuttle at cow area (1.4).Fixed ridge marker with tools that can not be lowered (1.3) Fixed several wrongly place tree collisions (1.3) Fixed saving of feeding trough fill levels (1.3) New Features: Added support for mods implements to define their own PTO (1.4) Added option for mod maps.Fixed several issues with cylinders between physics objects (1.3).
Dostpne s do niej równie dwa dodatki w tym jeden darmowy.
If a vehicle was sold that was currently using the worker, the slot for the helper was not released (1.4).