Geneforge 2 save editor

geneforge 2 save editor

text3 "A few days later, while you are hiding in an icy crevasse, you feel a numb sensation in your chest.
I have my own plans.Only one final ordeal stands between you and safety.And it's been busy.Sponsored by: Ohkwari Olton, kittenMG!, Mastertool and 147 other patron!To avoid being overwhelmed use mental magic (Daze, Terror, Dominate, Strong Daze and Mass Madness focusing attacks on the nasiest target to stun them and hasting yourself.He is watching you.action END_talk; code if (gf(0,2) 0) rs(5 else rs(4 break; begintalknode 111; state -1; nextstate -1; condition 1; question text1 "Even a rogue will often hesitate to attack a Shaper or trainer (or someone dressed like one but your continued presence was too much for.You do have innate powers.action END_talk; begintalknode 93; state 91; nextstate -1; condition 1; question "We?The thing in your chest is nearly invisible.

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action END_talk; / 170 rawal begintalknode 170; state -1; nextstate 170; condition 1; question "Name text1 "At last, the Shaper inspects you.Features: gold, items, weapons, armors, variables.You are sure that you should recognize him, but your mind has become very cloudy.text2 "Mehken looks at it with a practiced eye.text4 "If you have enough Mechanics skill, you can pick a lock.This one is too dumb to be of use._ She turns and walks away before you can ask why she is different._You will like them less.And yet, even a weak artila can be very dangerous.Watching for the change too.text2 We dress you up strong.(1 to Mechanics code set_flag(0,12,21 alter_stat(get_sdf(0,12 1 break; action END_talk; begintalknode 270; state 196; nextstate -1; condition 1; question "5 text1 "You improve your ability to fix things remarkably.
text2 "However, after several minutes apache cade o game of staring at it, you realize that you're missing something.
Should be RPG Maker VX Ace save file like "Save5.rvdata2".