Jeppesen fd serial number for ipad

jeppesen fd serial number for ipad

Mobile FliteDeck provides you with immediate, direct, and reliable access to enroute chart data, terminal charts, and Airway Manual text.
Basic routing, note: sony vegas pro 11 32 bit patch You must have a valid Jeppesen electronic charting serial number in order to activate the application, or update your charts.Custom keyboard that allows you to enter flight information quickly and easily.Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck provides pilots who subscribe to Jeppesen electronic charting with immediate, direct and reliable access to enroute chart data, terminal charts, and Jeppesen Airway Manual text.With Jeppesen Mobile FD you will get: Data-driven and interactive enroute display, display of your aircraft position on enroute display and airport diagrams.Standard airway manual text, arrival, departure and approach procedures, chart change notifications (terminal and enroute).Mobile FliteDeck enhances your situational awareness with the: Optional display of ownship on approach charts, taxi charts, and the enroute map.In english: if you have no correct enroute functionality, the only way to reslove the glitch is: download 1217 database (enroute folder is enough delete current one (enruote only copypaste 1217 enroute folder, then check the Jepp FD, it should work, you gotta see all.Automatic switch to a taxi chart upon landing.Some of the functionality that Mobile FliteDeck offers is: Display and loading of ATC-cleared routes.Ability to save and duplicate your flights.Distance calculations with the offset indicator.Copy 2 folders "db1" and "store" from the new base from directory Enroute/db_a and add into the The next copy the same 2 files BUT from the Enroute/db_b and add to the same directory the Good luck!
Enjoy full app functionality!
Track Up and North Up enroute map orientations.

New Jeppesen subscription serial numbers are activated within one hour of purchase.Searchable in-app help system, sID and star transition points rendered on the map.Flight plan route integration, route sharing with your avionics hardware.What's New in Version.9.1, november 21, 2016, this release corrects an issue with the enroute themes not showing as expected.Full-color, high-quality, vector-based data with amazing details and zoom capabilities.Enhanced filtering of enroute map objects.Copy files from the folder TermChats from the new base and add into the same folder at your iPad.