Morrowind code patch 2.0

morrowind code patch 2.0

Enchanted item rebalance - This expressit logistics worldwide ltd lucknow patch is garden composer 3d full twofold.
Russian Argonian swim animation.
Some improve the gameplay on their own though.
Alchemy potion name fix - Stops Morrowind from randomly claiming you should enter a name for a potion, when a name is present.Some additional steps are required for this to work, please consult the readme for more information.If you have the Steam version, MCP will redate your BSAs automatically when the patch is applied.When you are content with the selection, press "apply chosen patches".Affects the PlaceItem and PlaceItemCell commands.Requires the Better Dialogue Font mod, Polish version.Bound items expiry fix - When a bound item spell expires it no longer forces you into combat stance.International Adds greater compatibility for localized versions of Morrowind.Waterwalk fix - Prevents you from taking fall damage if you try to waterwalk on a body of water after falling into.A bug caused it to be much harder than intended.Please consult the readme if you wish to know the exact formulae and relevant editable game settings (gmsts).Detect water level fix - Fixes script problems with being detected as underwater in a cell with no water.Particle arrows and other projectiles are also fixed so that the particles stick to the arrow while moving.PC/NPC weapon damage can now be controlled by the fDamageStrengthBase/Mult gmsts.
It also fixes Drop script command, so that it correctly drops items at the actor's feet, instead of near the player or where the player is looking.

Hi-def cutscene support - Allows mods to include cutscenes up to 2048x1024 (the default maximum was 640x480).Show transparent clothes in inventory.PlaceAtPC/Drop fix - This patch makes dropped objects in third person mode land at the correct distance instead of at your feet.This is pretty essential change, considering how many new lands mods are available.Morrowind Code Patch, version.1, requirements, bloodmoon patch 0, download.Placeitem fix - Correctly saves items placed by scripts into cells that the player has not visited yet.Before it was using NearWaterOutdoorID for all water ambience.Argonian specific pes 2013 update xbox 360 swim animation wasn't playing due to the translated race name.Vanity camera lock - Allows vanity camera to stay active after the key ( TAB by default) is released.
Permanent barter disposition changes - This patch makes the disposition changes of merchants towards you for failed and successful bargains permanent rather than temporary.
It also fixes a display bug which causes skill progress bar to be hidden if the fortified/drained skill level is above 100 but the base skill level is not.