Scary maze game reaction

scary maze game reaction

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For some children, the end game surprise may be too scary; for others, it may prove no scarier than walking into your local movie windows server 2003 standard activation patch theater and seeing the poster image of this years hottest horror flick.
Clearing the maze on level 2 dino hunter game for pc shouldn't be too hard but level 3 is another story. .The graphics and design work in this version are greatly improved from the previous versions.We dont want to give away all the surprises, so we wont tell you about the other 2 levels.Level 2 Super Mario.To play through this third maze level requires real skill to get past - you might not do it on your first attempt.It sounds easy, however if you do not have a very steady hand, it can prove to be quite difficult.Try to finish them all!It starts to get interesting around the fourth level.Related Scary Videos, rate This Scary Stuff, guide the dot through the maze without hitting the walls.

Each level has colorful images and backgrounds some could even be described as friendly.Millions of people have played this free version of the scary maze game online and it remains an internet screamer favorite.More distractions are thrown at you to make you lose focus of your objective, and ultimately, make you touch the walls and lose the game.It was so funny!Heres an example of what the levels are like: Level 1 Relatively Easy, level 1 is relatively easy guide the red ball through the star shaped maze to the end, without touching the sides.Because of that, there are no codes available of any kind.If you touch the bad mushroom or the wall, you will end the game and start over at level.However, once you pass level one, each level after that becomes increasingly difficult.Scary Maze Game 7 like many of its predecessors is a simple flash game with one main objective; to guide the ball through the maze without touching the walls.How About Some Cheat Codes?
Level 3 Colorful Fish, level 3 is similar to level 2 containing moving objects to try to distract you and/or make you touch to end the game.
As opposed to some of the earlier versions (only having solid images and backgrounds it includes flashing/twinkling stars and moving objects.