Share files workgroup windows 7 xp

share files workgroup windows 7 xp

Note that any machine on your local network will be able to access the contents of this folder.
But, if you don't see other computers, then this service is most probably disabled or stopped.
I will continue our networking series and show how to share files and folders between Windows XP and Windows 7 based computers.A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer then hit Next.I'll use Windows XP as my remote, but the fundamentals are the same in Vista and 7 as well.To check this, go to 'Control Panel - System and Security - System' on the Windows 7 PCs.In some cases you will need to install the x86 XP drivers for the shared printer because the Windows 7 drivers are not compatible with. .Step 4: Access Shared Files and Folders To access the shared files and folders from the Windows XP computers, go to 'My Computer - My Network Places - View workgroup computers'.Once this is done, the Windows XP PC will be joining the new workgroup.Read more about windows xp firewall setting for File and Printer sharing.Disabling the security features in this tutorial will NOT compromise your machines security on the internet.OK on all the dialog boxes that got you here - you're done setting up your share.If password protected sharing is enabled on the computer you are trying to access, you will be asked to enter a valid user name and password.Step 1: Workgroup Must be the Same.So it will enable your windows 7 computer to allow file and printer sharing when its in public network location. .

This will change the domain to that computer instead of your local one.Any machine that successfully connects to my home network has access to all of the shares that I've created that way.Lets get Started, preparing Windows 7 for networking.When I first started I was able to see the printer on XP right away because I had a HomeGroup set up, but once I deleted it I needed to share the printer like you would for a workgroup. .Today we will look at the steps to share files and hardware devices like a printer.Item there: In this case, the second field, which was filled in for us before, is now empty.Then type ' and a user name defined on the computer you are accessing.A share is nothing more than a folder on a computer's hard drive that you "share out" to the network.It's just not easy and often not secure.Note, this Tutorial is still under construction, certain elements are still missing, namely screenshots for the XP bits get a pen and paper handy you will need them later.
In Windows Explorer, press the ALT key to get the menu bar to appear if it's not visible and click.