Split screen shooter for pc

split screen shooter for pc

Awesomenauts offers exciting graphics style with amazing voice work.
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Just by adding a second player to the game, you get to experience such fun and complex puzzles that are not even possible in the single player mode.
If you are a fan of adventure-based shooters then this is definitely a must try.If you are looking for a first-person shooter split-screen game then this is definitely must try.Take on the dark demonic forces and destroy them in your quest to find this mysterious artifact.You need to work together with your friend in the split-screen mode to solve all the puzzles and overcome each obstacle along the way.DeathSpank is a funny game with Ron Gilberts witty humour and crazy dialogues making the gameplay and storyline hilariously amazing.
Blur, if wacky racing games are your jam then Blur is definitely one of the best games out there that fulfills the thirst for racing while also letting you blow other cars.

The split-screen experience in this game is just perfect.Definitely, a must try visual gameboy advance for windows 7 for puzzle enthusiasts.However, in terms of local co-op games (couch co-op Guacamelee definitely tops the list as one of the most fun beat-em-up titles.Join forces with your friend in the post-apocalyptic world and start bashing some zombie skulls to survive in this world.Download (.08 ).Castle Crashers, get your armors up and sharpen your blades because its time for some serious hack n slash.If you are into racing sims then DiRT 3 should be on your list to play.Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed While Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed is considered a Mario Kart rip-off or clone by many, this game offers some unique gameplay elements that make it stand out.If you are interested in playing some split-screen games on your PC, we bring you the 15 best split-screen games for PC:.Still, if you think there are some other amazing split-screen games out there then feel free to mention them in the comments below and well probably put up an honorable mentions section for them.Its literally about rocksor boulders to be specific.
Whoever scores the most goals in 5-minutes wins.