Sqlite manager 4.1.0 keygen

sqlite manager 4.1.0 keygen

1.1.0 8 mixpanel @fserb Mixpanel API.0.0 8 naiv @asciiascetic A naiv implementation of sets of arbitrary objects.
1.1.0 120 waxe-works @gamehaxe Supporting headers and libraries to make it easy to build waxe from source, and to statically link waxe.
1.4.0 2850 hexcore @doclerlabs Independent core elements for building OOP projects and frameworks.28.0 2676 away3d @Greg209 Away3D is an open source platform for developing interactive 3D graphics for video games and applications.
3.2.0 49 wighawag-asset @wighawag Asset management.0.1 49 wighawag-system @wighawag Entity Component System.0.1 49 hext-core @MaddinXx Hext core, a completing yet alternative standard library for Haxe.0.4.2 804 feffects @filt3rek Set of effects (tweens, sineloops.) targeting Flash / JS / openFL (Neko, C, Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS, webOS, BlackBerry, html5).1.0 790 jquery @yar3333 Fixed version of the haxe's jQuery class and some plugins.1.5.2 789 stdlib @yar3333 Standard library improvements: exceptions, string triming with a trimed chars specified, min/max for integers and.1.7.0 8 twinspire-engine @brutalexcess A utility library and small illimitux 4.0 telecharger gratuit engine to make all of those tedious and repetitive tasks in OpenFL easier.3.3.0 57186 mconsole @massive, a cross platform Haxe implementation of the WebKit console API supporting logging, debugging and profiling.1.1.0 126 stb_ogg_sound @shohei909 public domain ogg decoder.0.2 126 dtx-bootstrap @jason A set of detox widgets that let you easily work with Bootstrap and Bootstrap styled components.1.0.3 4008 openfl-ouya @singmajesty Extension for additional ouya support.0.2 3926 ufront-mail @jason Tools to create and send email using ufront.1.0 3918 createjs @nicklaie The project includes externs for CreateJS libraries: EaselJS, TweenJS, SoundJS, PreloadJS.5.8 3913 haxe-crypto @soywiz Hurlant crypto library ported.0.2.0 13 eventbeacon @stoney An event emitter.1.1 13 filesystemhelper @gelert FileSystem utility,.g.1.2.2 83 hxtea @blue112 This project embed a single class which allows you use the TEA crypting.0.0.3-alpha 46 minicanvas @fponticelli Mini-library to quickly generate canvas images (for the browser and nodejs).1.0.0-alpha.wrapper @grozamorei Incapsulation of t social API for flash and javascript.0.1 19 observer @luizbills A cross-platform implementation of observer pattern to Haxe.0.1 19 pyscript @buckle2000 Parser of Python.
0.1.1 14 beziercurve @NuclearCookie A flexible bezier wga crack windows xp sp3 curve implementation.0.1 13 couchbase @rwlaschin Couchbase/Memcache API implementation.0.2 13 dheap @jonasmalacofilho D-ary heaps for Haxe.1.0 13 es6-externs @explorigin This library provides externs for ES6 fernandinho cd uma nova historia gratis data structures.
1.0.0 40 nchmark @fponticelli Tools to measure code execution timing.

1.0.2 56 priori-fontawesome @triture FontAwesome for Priori.1.0 56 simpleMonad @nobkz simple monad libraries.1.1 56 acadnme @gamehaxe Acadnme provides a scripting host for Nme applications on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.6.3 55 rehx @brendanjerwin Another rest-ish client for Haxe.1.1.8 14564 nme @gamehaxe NME provides a backend for native iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux applications, using a Flash inspired API.7.1 14535 poly2trihx @nerik poly2trihx is an Haxe port of the poly2tri library, an excellent Delaunay triangulation library, which supports constrained edges and.Org) for HaXe.15.1 1074 beanhx @jason Externs to the BeanJS lightweight event library for Javascript.2.0.1 44397 openfl-native @singmajesty OpenFL support for native platforms.4.0 42026 nape @deltaluca Nape 2D Physics Engine.0.20 39430 hscript @ncannasse Haxe Script is a scripting engine for a subset of the Haxe language.1.1 38772 tink_core @back2dos Tinkerbell Core.14.3 31720 box2d @singmajesty Box2D.1.4.1 4728 dox @dpeek Haxe documentation generator.1.0.0-alpha 17 hx-submit @Yannick_Dominguez neko tool to submit to haxelib.1.3 17 khage @wighawag KHA Graphical Extension.0.5 17 module @0b1kn00b A container that allows typed access to a collection of objects.2.1 17 moon-run @profound7 Command-line utility for building and running Haxe projects with.Js.x for Haxe - JavaScript 2D webGL renderer with canvas fallback.1.0.3 3246 mloader @massive A cross platform Haxe library for loading resources with utilities for queueing and caching requests.1.2.0 21 haxevx @Glidias HaxeVx is your ultimate library for coding VueJS/Vuex in the Haxe language.7.1 21 pixiflash @kasparsj Externs for PixiFlash.1.0 21 scopes @jszymanski scope exit (guard) expressions, autoclose variables and protected (try/finally) for Haxe.1.1 21 DESteer @vantreeseba This library provides.
1.0.0 6 Harfang-ext-view @njuneau A small wrapper around Haxe's templating system.0.0 6 hpel @ianharrigan hpel.0.2 6 hxgit @bendmorris Add version info from Git to your Haxe project.0.0 6 leptool @lewislepton library to utilise openfl quicker.0.3 6 massive @epidevJosh Massive assignment for.
4.1.0 18290 openfl-tools @singmajesty Command-line tools for OpenFL.0.10 18290 promhx @jdonaldson Promhx is a promise library for Haxe.