Top servers 200 wow 3.3.5

top servers 200 wow 3.3.5

Last updated 17:30:08 (UTC-03).
Crusade Gaming Blizzlike PvE/ PvP, Custom City and PvP Areas, Transmogrification, Arena Spectator, Heirlooms, Starter Gear, Battleground Rating, Level up at your desired rate or Boost to 80, Events, Rewards.
Everyday updates and fixes.
More than 1,000 players online, over 80 mil registered accounts and more than 20 thousand active accounts, Supportive and Helpful Staff.Clicks6585 12, details, votes40.ThoriumWoW Level 255 Realm, Cata/MoP Content, Progressive leveling gear, Over 18000 custom items and quests, ExP Rate 400, Custom Scripted buzz master quiz psp game Legendary Boss, Balanced PvP, Weekly updates, High Stats, Friedly Staff Desecration A Level 100 Fun Server, Custom quest, Instances and Raids, Custom Spells, New Quests.Clicks71533 3, details, votes55900, clicks51495 4, details, votes29634, clicks102556.Clicks8338 13, details, votes39, clicks3274.(UTC-03) 140: 252 * Ranking updated every 15 minutes.Last updated 17:30:01 (UTC-03).WoW GamerForces, new.3.5a WoTLK WoW community!Heroes of Wow Our rates: Experience: x10, Quests: x10, Items: x07, Money: x07.WoWFreakz, custom Rates, Mutiple realms, Working cataclysm content, Archaeology, Transmogrification, Guild Advancement Perks, Dungeons, Raids, Mastery, Reforge, Conquest Points, Spells, talents, all working.
Rank, votes Clicks 1, details, votes355, clicks6106 2, details, votes141.
Special Features, Mists of Pandaria spell system, Transmogrification, Unique Transfer System, Killstreak Feature, Arena System, Random Battleground, Staff members always present and willing to help.

DragonWar French Cataclysm server, Our rates: Xp: 10, Quest: x10, Drop : x, Honour: x, Reputation: x1, Archaeology, Pathfinding, Anticheat system.RetroWoW Instant 60, Custom PvP Quests, PVE Quests, Fully Scripted Instances, Raid Quests, Working BGs, Gurubashi Arena, Pathfinding, 5-Man Raids: ZG/ MC/ BWL/ onyx/ AQ/ naxx, Auto Backup System.Warmane, old Moltenwow private server.WoWAscension WoW Ascension is an 1x EXP PvE progressive server.Reign of Darkness Hispanic Server, Cataclysm.3.4, Blizzlike x3 Archaeology, Rated Battlegrounds,Daily updates, Firelands, Baradin Hold, Dragon Soul, Lag Free, Professionally maintained, New Armors, New Raids.WowGate Kill rate: 20x, Quest rate: 20x, Money rate: 15x, Honor rate: 2x, Crafting rate:.Sunset-WoW 335a Eternion-WoW/WoWWal, details, sunset-WoW 335 funserver offers you: Custom haste patch, custom instances, bosses, quests, teleportation stone, vip gear and level, lot of custom items, everyday core patches, stable, instant 80, friendly staff, 24/7 The server is trinitycore This is NOT running off.