Tsp codec windows 7

tsp codec windows 7

How to enable Thermal Standby There are two different methods for enabling Thermal Standby on a system, depending on the thermal framework on which the system relies for system thermal management.
Name AC0, 3200) Name AL0, Package _SB.
Report temperature opel touch & connect kartenupdate _TMP Read the temperature of the thermal zone.The thermal zone reads the temperature with the _TMP control method and compares the temperature to the active trip points ACx) to decide whether the fan needs to be on or off.For x86 systems, we recommend defining a critical hibernate temperature HOT) to trigger the saving of user data._HID A vendor-unique hardware identifier to load the Windows temperature driver.If a different algorithm is preferred, the system designer can implemented a policy driver to embody the preferred algorithm.The temperature sensor must implement the following interface: typedef struct _thermal_wait_read ulong Timeout; ulong LowTemperature; ulong HighTemperature; thermal_wait_read, *pthermal_wait_read; #define ioctl_thermal_read_temperature CTL_code(file_device_battery, 0x24, method_buffered, file_read_access) The following table describes the input and output parameters for the temperature-reading interface.
This option enables a hybrid solution in which a fan is typically controlled by a third-party driver, but can be controlled by the OS thermal zone if the third-party driver is not installed.
For systems that rely on a 3rd party Thermal Framework for thermal management, Thermal Standby can be enabled by implementing a policy driver on top of the required Thermal Zone for S0 Idle-capable systems.

The temperature reported by _TMP or a temperature sensor driver may be the actual value of a sensor, or an extrapolated value based on several sensors.T temperature from the previous reading.Product Compatibility List, docShuttle Administrator - 7/8 compatible, if UAC is turned off (click here for instructions).All devices in the same thermal zone must follow the same constraints applied to the thermal zone.When a system enters Thermal Standby, it will remain in that state until the user interacts with the system again, or until a call or a notification is received.If the temperature is already above the high temperature, the ioctl should be completed immediately.Example 1: Hardware fan control In this example, a fan is controlled by an embedded controller.Pay particular attention to the components that consume most power, such as the processor.The cooling device will then map the provided thermal limit to its specific cooling characteristics, and implement appropriate cooling mitigations.When multiple thermal zones requests different thermal throttling performance percentages, the thermal manager picks the minimal thermal throttling performance percentage to apply to the thermal throttling device.CPU7) Method PSV) Return (3530) Name TC1, 1) Name TC2, 1) Name TSP, 1) Name TZP, 0) / date a live episode 12 sub indo 720p _DSM - Device Specific Method / Arg0: uuid Unique function identifier / Arg1: Integer Revision Level / Arg2: Integer Function Index (0 Return Supported Functions) / Arg3.
Users will have 3 options: Consent to enter Thermal Standby immediately, by pressing the Cool down button.