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To certain Marx Brothers fans, Margaret Dumont is "The Marx Sister" because she was the only consistent leading lady in the movies, and because her standard stock character (a feisty-but-gullible Grand Dame who inevitably becomes the target of Groucho's swindling) is almost as iconic.
Where a statue of a Warthog is a major landmark, and referred to as the "Pig on a Stick" Relatedly, the act turning the GAU-8 Avenger on a convoy of ground vehicles and hosing them down with several continuous seconds of gunfire is known.
This is even better on Osan Air Base in Korea.
In fact, Tumblr shows us that, thanks to the utter ridiculousness of his name, virtually any combination of two improbable words of many syllables will work as a nickname for Billiardball Custardbath/Beanbag Comelycat/Burgerking Candygram/etc."Rapidshit" - "Affectionate" nickname for the file-sharing online dictatorship site Rapidshare.The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 fighter used by Those Wacky Nazis was in its heyday arguably the deadliest fighter aircraft in the world, and earned the nickname " Butcher Bird " from the British.Former PRD presidential candidate and senator Cuauhtemoc Cárdenas: El Cuatemochas, a playword of the phonetics of his name.A particularly overweight pc games gta full version sailor may sometimes acquire the unflattering nickname of X very large object aboard the ship where X is one more than however many of those objects the ship carries.It was also known in Germany (especially among American servicemen stationed there) as the "Lawn Dart wherever it was deployed, it was said that every yard near the base game zuma hp maxtron had one stuck.The Regginator - Reggie Fils-Aime Dayter - Metal Gear Solid fandom nickname for David Hayter (Solid Snake's English voice actor used mostly by his sizeable Estrogen Brigade.Her fan base are called Dobrevics.What with the official translation referring to him by his original Japanese name, "Monobear" is this for Monokuma.Also the "Ensign Eliminator" for its temperamental flight characteristics.
Another recurring one is Barack Obana.

Belarus: The Last Dictatorship in Europe.Mostly stems from the notion that the most outspoken patriots are angry rednecks.Mexico TV Azteca: Oh boy, since the Azteca part of their name refer to the Aztecs, they got lots of these, based in some Mexican native tribe: TV Huasteca TV Olmeca TV Chichimeca TV Aztecaca (Literally, TV Aztecrap or TV I-shit-on them ) TV Apesta." Madora The Explorer " is one nickname given to Madara in Naruto Veangance Revelaitons, based on one misspelling of his name.Michael Fassbender 's fans call him Fassy (he knows that and he's fine with it).Amiga Power, attempting to insult its competitors The One and Amiga Action without actually naming them, compromised by dubbing them (Currant Bun - Ed) and ( Michael Jackson - Ed), respectively.Factory Stock: A model that's exactly as built by the the subject's manufacturer.Redditors call this phenomenon being "hugged to death".Jared Padalecki is known as Moose.
(Seems that It Runs in the Family.) And her name means "Bitter Orange Child." Feel free to get confused.